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Welcome to StressAndEros

The admonition, Know yourself, was carved on the temple portal at Delphi, and the ancient Greeks made great efforts to seek out the understanding and meaning of life. It will always be valuable and exciting to continue along this path.
StressAndEros is about understanding yourself and working towards better well-being.

Our emotions are some of the most powerful forces in our lives: negative emotions, equivalent to stress emotions, and positive emotions, here called eros, which stands for contentment, joy, love and life energy.

You can learn to reduce your stress and work with yourself to achieve a better quality of life.
This requires insight, psychological tools, and training.

You can learn to use an easy to understand, dynamic, emotional state model: StressLogosEros.

Use the model with a sporting spirit, whereby you aim to win: you have won if you improve your well-being.
Fortunately, many of the things that burden us are "small stuff", which we can handle ourselves.
If you have serious problems and are in a crisis, it is important to seek professional help.

StressAndEros is a psychological discourse which discusses negative and positive emotions and their corresponding thinking patterns. It is a new approach to the old discussion about "reason" (logos) and emotions.
Negative feelings, stress feelings, are part of our nature. They are necessary and appropriate, and have significance for our prospects for survival, but they can lead to health problems and other issues.
Positive feelings, eros feelings, are also part of our nature and have significance for the continuation of our family line and for our health.
Stress management and positive feelings are both necessary for our wellbeing.
The description of these matters has been presented in a psychological model - StressLogosEros - with supplementary texts, including a section on gender differences.

StressLogosEros model