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Check your stress level

Answer the 10 questions below and add up your score.

Possible answers:
Almost always = 4 points
Sometimes = 3 points
Rarely = 2 points
Never = 1 point

1. Do you get irritable when you stand in a queue?

2. Are you often racing against the clock to save time?

3. Do you get irritated if you think something is taking too long?

4. Do you tend to lose your cool in pressured situations?

5. Do your friends think that you easily get annoyed?

6. Do you like it best when what you are doing has an element of competition?

7. Are you the first to get involved in a task, even though the details have not been made clear?

8. Do you take work on holiday with you and expect to get time to look at it?

9. Do you tend to do several things at the same time, e.g. eat and watch TV, talk on the telephone and tidy up the mess around the phone?

10. When you make a mistake, is it because you throw yourself into a task without being properly prepared?

If you have 25 points or less, your stress level is low. You manage your everyday tasks without getting stressed. Continue to do so. If you have more than 25 points, you are in a stress state, and you need to do something about it, talk to others, and possibly seek professional help.

The U.S. Department Of Health And Human Services