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Stress management plan

Use the following guide to set up your own plan of action for stress management.

1. Identify your strongest source of stress and the degree of stress you feel regarding it.

2. How do you respond to your source of stress? (Physical, emotional, mental, social).

3. Why are you dissatisfied or unhappy with the stressor?

4.What would you like to change in the situation?

5. Identify skills you possess that could help in managing stress.
a) Physical skills (energy, strenght, agility).
b) Emotional strenghts (self-confidence, empathy, calm).
c) Support from others (family, friends, clubs).
d) Mental resources (humor, problem-solving, insight).
e) Present lifestyle (rituals, hobbies, health).

6. Develop a plan of action. Describe each step you will take to reduce the level of stress and solve the situation.

7. What goals would you hope to achieve and when? (Ideal goal, acceptable goal).

8.Act on your plan.