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Test your coping skills and personal resources

Rate on the four point scale the level of your ability to apply each skill to reduce your stress.
1 = very poor, 2 = low or moderate, 3 = good, 4 = very good.

1. Diet and Nutrition
I have good nutritional habits that include eating a balanced diet, and limiting caffeine, sugar and fat intake.

2. Relaxation
I am aware when stress builds up in my body and use relaxation techniques to reduce body tension.

3. Physical Exercise
I am physically fit and use regular exercise to combat and prevent stress.

4. Social Support
I am able to ask for and receive support from friends, family members or professionals as a buffer against stress.

5. Communication
I am able to effectively listen to others and comfortably express my own thoughts, feelings and opinions.

6. Assertiveness
In conflict situations, I am able to speak up on my own behalf, honestly express my opinions, feelings, and wishes, give constructive criticism, and refuse unrealistic requests.

7. Financial
I am good at managing money, do not needlessly worry about financial matters, and have enough money to meet most of my needs and use in the service of reducing stress.

8. Time Management
I am able to efficiently manage my time.

9. Taking Action
I am able to establish priorities, take action on my plans, goals and set limits, schedule effectively, avoid procrastination and pace my efforts.

10. Problem Solving
I am skilled at defining problems, approaching them in a timely and logical way, obtaining information, finding workable solutions, considering alternatives, seeing potential consequences and evaluating the results of my actions.

11. Challenging Stressful Thinking
I am able to reduce stress by consciously monitoring, challenging and changing negative thought patterns, placing problems into proper perspective, practicing relaxation techniques, mentally rehearsing coping behaviours and using positive self-talk.

12. Functional Beliefs
I am able to change rigid and absolute stress inducing beliefs into more functional beliefs such as "I can be happy even if others disapprove of me", "the world doesn't have to meet my wishes all the time", and "I don't have to be perfect to be worthwhile".

13. Humour
I do not take myself too seriously and use humour to balance life's frustrations.

14. Spiritual
I believe in a higher power and spiritual connectiveness to life.

Add up your score.
Results between 14 and 28 points indicate that your coping skills and resources are not good enough. Try to evaluate every single skill to see how to cope better.

Results between 29 and 56 points indicate that your coping skills and resources are good or very good.